Suspended Celings in Northern Ireland

A suspended ceiling can enhance the atmosphere of your premises, plus it has practical advantages:

  • makes an over-large room seem smaller
  • hides ugly pipework and beams
  • absorbs sound
  • improves the design of the room

Suspended ceilings are a cost effective solution for: heat loss, cooling a room, noise reduction, light reflection, contamination control, improving air quality and fire resistance. At Apollo Ceilings we can supply a variety of suspended ceilings in different materials.


From basic white to coloured mineral fibre suspended ceilings come in a vast range of shades and textures. The most common design of the mineral fibre suspended ceiling is set within an exposed modular system, but it can also be installed in a concealed construction.


A metal suspended ceiling is an excellent cost effective choice as it has an approximate life span of at least 25 years. The durability and practicality of a metal suspended ceiling means limited maintenance and unlikely replacement costs.

This type of suspended ceiling is made of aluminium or steel and is manufactured to the highest standards. It is coated with a polyester powder to prevent against corrosion. It can also be supplied with opening panels, to allow easy access to the area above. Different areas of the ceiling can be adapted to provide different acoustic properties, so allowing for greater flexibility.

Apollo Ceilings can supply a range of custom-made metal suspended ceilings to suit the design and layout of your premises. Whether you need visual flexibility or simple practicality Apollo Ceilings has a metal suspended ceiling to meet your needs. There are endless possibilities in terms of finish, shape and size.

They are particularly suitable for hygienic environments, such as hospitals or cleanrooms.


A plasterboard suspended ceiling gives excellent acoustic properties, is effective in humid environments, gives good fire resistance and can be supplied in several designs.

Plasterboard is very versatile in terms of design and can be patterned or vinyl faced to suit most environments. It can be fitted in planks, tiles or as a seamless option.


Mineral wool suspended ceilings are easy and light to install and have excellent fire resistance properties. Mineral wool can withstand a range of temperatures and keeps its thermal performance for many years.

Mineral wool is the perfect environmental choice as over a 50 year period it can save up to 1,000 times the energy produced to make it.


A free hanging suspended ceiling can produce a really effective and dramatic feel. Either one large ceiling or several smaller hanging ceilings can be used to create a totally different original look and feel. They are suspended on cables, or from the actual building, and can give a real sense of something unique.

This type of suspended ceiling can also be used for acoustical purposes, where different levels of sound are required in different areas.